Rent your car in Nîmes and Alès.

Discover our exceptional cars to enjoy our beautiful region!

ADA Location – a professional service of the highest level. We work so that you enjoy life. Located in Nîmes and Alès, ADA has been successfully dealing in car rental for over 20 years: dynamic team, instant response, wealth of experience and professionalism. ADA car rental is a personalized service that meets all your needs. Security and confidentiality guaranteed.

From city cars... to the most elegant sports cars!

We offer all types of passenger vehicles (city cars, station wagons, SUVs, premium cars, convertibles, sports cars), 9-seater minibuses, no-licence cars and 125cc scooters. 

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Alpine A110 Legend

Your vehicle in Nîmes and Alès!

In addition to the 4 pick-up points below, we have a valet service to deliver your rental car directly to your hotel or reception venue. 
Nîmes Headquarters: 2614 route de Montpellier, Nîmes 
Nîmes Downtown: Parking Indigo des Arènes place 1318, bd de Bruxelle, Nîmes
Nîmes Gare Pont du Gard: Rental parking lot place n°2016, Manduel 
Alès Downtown: 36 avenue carnot, Alès

Our locations

We've got the right van for every occasion!

From 3m3 vans to 20m3 removal trucks with tailgate, you will find in our branches vans of all sizes, dump trucks for all your work, and even a car transporter.

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Nos points de retrait

Nîmes Siège 

2614 route de Montpellier

Horraire d'ouverture :
En semaine : 8h-12h / 14h-18h30
Samedi : 9h-12h / 16h-18h


Nîmes Centre-ville 

5 bd de Bruxelles
Parking Indigo des Arènes
Place  1318

Ouvert 24/7


Nîmes Gare TGV 

Gare de Nîmes Pont du Gard
Chemin de Joncquières
Parking Loueur - Place 2016

Ouvert 24/7


Alès Centre-ville 

36 avenue Carnot

Horraire d'ouverture :
En semaine : 9h-12h / 14h-18h
Samedi : 9h-12h / 16h-18h

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